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This Sightings Report Board is unlike a discussion message board or an email list often used to report bird sightings. The Sightings Report Board is a database driven program allowing Listers to manage their own reports and viewers to search Lister's reports according to their own particular interests.

You may add your sightings using one of two forms; the Long Form and the Short Form.

Long Form - View Screen Shot

This form offers detailed input options on your sighting.

1. The Record Number, Field Code, Status, Species, and Classification fields are automatically filled in once you select the species you wish to add.

2. Required Fields

a. The fields referenced above
b. The Count Field
c. Observation Type Field
d. County Field
e. Political Township Field
f. Location Field

The long form is tailored to those who wish to keep detailed information on their sightings including detailed information like age, location, and nest information.

Short Form - View Screen Shot

The same fields are required as on the Long Form, however, the input options are significantly less. This form is dedicated to those who wish to shared their sightings and are not particularly interested in the input options availiable on the Long Form.

As the Beta Testing phase of the new report board is coming to a close, we will no longer allow posting to the old board. Please use the link below to register on the new Listing Program

To register on the Sightings Report Board: Click Here

If you have already registered, you may add your sightings by entering your login information in the "Lister's Login" box to the right.

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Robin sighting - Dean Lusk - 22-Mar-2004

Common Redpoll - Eunice McClelland - 20-Mar-2004

American Bald Eagle - Diane Stevens - 16-Mar-2004

Red-bellied woodpecker - Charles Bills - 12-Mar-2004

Spring is here! - Jason Brew - 08-Mar-2004

cedar waxwings - Kyle Seeley - 04-Mar-2004

Hoary Redpoll - C. Tim Weier - 20-Feb-2004

American Bald Eagle - Diane Stevens - 19-Feb-2004

pine grosbeaks - C. Tim Weier - 18-Feb-2004

Common Redpoll - C. Tim Weier - 18-Feb-2004

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