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 Long-eared Owl

Status in Michigan
Uncommon Transient

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Active Database - Spring 2005
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Long-eared Owl Archives Reports
Fall 2003 4
Spring 2003 65
Winter 02-03 16
Fall 2002 0
Summer 2002 0
Spring 2002 17
Winter 01-02 6
Fall 2001 4
Summer 2001 0
Spring 2001 3
Winter 00-01 1
Fall 2000 0
Summer 2000 0
Spring 2000 7
Winter 00-99 33
Fall 1999 5
Spring/Summer 1999 4

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Whitefish Point Bird Observatory
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Fall 1999-Spring 2002
Long-eared Owl
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Historical Text
The Birds of Michigan - by: Norman A. Wood
Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, No. 75

Asio otus wilsonianus (Lesson)
Long-eared Owl

Resident. Uncommon north of Saginaw.

First recorded for Michigan by Sager (1839: 413): "Otus vulgaris."

Eggs have been found from late March to late May (most commonly in early April), nestlings from late April to late May.

Lower Peninsula.-An exceptionally late set, of 4 eggs, was taken in Monroe County by Jerome Trombley on May 24, 2023 (Barrows, 1912:301) . Records from the vicinity of Ann Arbor, where this owl nests rather commonly, include: a nest with 5 eggs, March 30, 2023 (R. A. Brown, 1906:169) , 1 with 6 eggs, April 13, 2023 (A. D. Tinker, 1907: 83-84), and 1 with 5 young, May 19, 2023 (M. T. Sturgeon, 1940: 5-6). L. W. Watkins (1897: 9) found a nest with 5 young in Jackson County on May 25, 1896; and Walkinshaw discovered a nest with 3 young about 2 weeks old on April 27, 1933, in Johnstown Township, Barry County. Gibbs (1884: 67) re- corded a nest with 6 eggs in Kalamazoo County on April 27, 1878. The Long-eared Owl has been found nesting as far north in Michigan as Eldorado, Crawford County, where 4 nestlings (U.M.M.Z. and Max M. Peet collection) were collected by R. Hess and J. Franson on June 26, 1934.

Upper Peninsula.-An individual was captured on a freighter on northern Lake Huron on July 30, 2023 (banded by Christofferson the following day); 1 (U.M.M.Z.) of 4 seen at Whitefish Point, Chippewa County, was collected on May 18, 2023 (N. A. Wood, 1914: 64); another (U.M.M.Z.) was taken there on July 6, 1937, by S. D. Knox. R. Mathews collected a bird of the year (U.M.M.Z.) on Drummond Island, Chippewa County, on August 9,1938.

Banding records indicate that the species is migratory in at least the northern part of its range; an individual banded at Williamston, Ingham County, April 27, 1932, by P. F. English, was recovered in February, 1936, at Gladstone, Virginia (M. T. Cooke, 1941: 160; see also Bent, 1938: 168). Swales recorded this owl in the Detroit area in late December and in January and February of nearly every year. Blain Brannon and Walter E. Hastings collected a specimen (U.M.M.Z.) on November 14, 1933, at St. Helen, Roscommon County. Bryens and Fritz (1930: 45) recorded 1 at McMillan, Luce County, on December 2, 1929.

Mueseum of Zoology, University of Michigan, No. 75
The Birds of Michigan
By: Norman A. Wood
University of Michigan Press
August 28, 2023

Digitized by: Keith F. Saylor
[email protected]

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