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 Glaucous Gull

Status in Michigan
Uncommon Transient

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Count totals in the NMB Databases for Glaucous Gull.

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Active Database - Spring 2005
View Glaucous Gull sightings.
Glaucous Gull Archives Reports
Fall 2003 6
Spring 2003 25
Winter 02-03 48
Fall 2002 1
Summer 2002 0
Spring 2002 12
Winter 01-02 142
Fall 2001 5
Summer 2001 0
Spring 2001 57
Winter 00-01 12
Fall 2000 8
Summer 2000 0
Spring 2000 10
Winter 00-99 24
Fall 1999 2
Spring/Summer 1999 2

NMB Database
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Whitefish Point Bird Observatory
Active Database - Fall 2003
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Whitefish Point Bird Observatory Official Seasonal Count Summaries for the Glaucous Gull
Fall 1999-Spring 2002
Glaucous Gull
Note: Some species will not be present in the WPBO archives and will return no records.

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Historical Text

Larus hyperboreus hyperboreus Gunnerus
Glaucous Gull

Rare visitant.

Barrows (1912: 51) listed this species for Michigan, but knew of no specimen taken here and cited no definite Michigan record. The first Michigan specimen (U.M.M.Z.) was collected by Harold Mayfield in the Erie marsh, Monroe County, on March 20, 1943. There are several reliable sight records of Glaucous Gulls in Michigan: 1, April 19, 1941, in the Erie marsh, Monroe County, by L. W. Campbell; 2, May 21, and 1, May 22, 1942, by Harold Mayfield, also in the Erie marsh; 1, April 3, 1937, at Ann Arbor, by Trautman; 1, February 15, 1929, at Manistee, by Pirnie; 1, November 1, 1938, at McMillan, Luce County, by Bryens; 1, May 19, 1936, at White- fish Point, Chippewa County, by Brodkorb.

Mueseum of Zoology, University of Michigan, No. 75
The Birds of Michigan
By: Norman A. Wood
University of Michigan Press
August 28, 2023

Digitized by: Keith F. Saylor
[email protected]

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