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Hello Everyone,

Through the oversight and direction of Ray Adams of the Kalamazoo Nature Center (KNC), the counsel of Karen Cleveland of the Michigan DNR and helpful feedback from Atlas Coordinators an interactive dynamic has been added to the Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II (MBBA II).

Participants in the MBBA II may now submit their casual and checklist observations online. Here is how the submission process works:

1. Type your observations into either the Casual or Checklist form and submit them.

2. The MBBA II staff at the KNC receives a copy of your submission via email and a back-up copy of your submission is saved on the server for archival purposes.

3. Two emails are also sent to the partcipant. One is a copy of the submission and the other is a thank you note which also contains a nice list of the species submitted that is formatted to make copying and pasting into an email or message board post very easy.

Hopefully, this interactive online presence for the MBBA II will make data submission more convenient and contribute to increased coverage around Michigan because of increased participation.

The Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II project offers wild bird enthusiasts the opportunity, through direct participation, to impact conservation efforts and the overall knowledge of the distribution and natural history of Michigan wild birds.

Here is your chance to give specific direction to your birding activities. Please consider participating in the Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas II.

If you are not a current participant in the MBBA II and would like to start, please Register with the MBBA II now.

If you are a current participant with the MBBA II and wish to begin submitting your observations to the MBBA II staff online ... Start Here.

Text from Norman A. Wood's "The Birds of Michigan" has been added to the Michigan Checklist. Click on the image above to view the checklist.

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